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Blog Of WPX Hosting: The World's Fastest WordPress Hosting Service (says Matthew Woodward)

SiteGround Vs Cloudways Vs Flywheel Vs WP Engine Vs GoDaddy Vs Bluehost Vs HostGator Vs A2 Vs Kinsta Vs WPX

Yep, I am the co-founder/ CEO of WPX Hosting, arguably the world’s fastest WordPress hosting service BUT does that mean that my upstart WP hosting company can crush the major players when it comes to handling Elegant Themes’ Divi? 

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Kevin Ohashi is the founder of a review site called 

Each year, Kevin conducts independent tests to determine which WordPress hosting companies offer the best performance in terms of page loading speed around the world, server quality and load handling, using 2 well known tools, Load Storm and Load Impact.

Read the outrageous full story here

a.k.a. what to know if your page loading time doesn’t seem great (at first) on WPX.

So you have moved your beloved websites over from a horrible dinosaur hosting company to WPX and you expected hypersonic speeds but the folks at Pingdom Tools and GTMetrix ain’t so impressed (yet) and your score might look like this…more.

How to get your WP blog running at warp speed.

If you’re not a very technical person and you’re probably not if you’re reading this, speeding up a painfully slow WordPress site can seem difficult to say the least.

So I’m going to lay out – in NON-techy language – the simplest ways to massively accelerate your WordPress website, based on 5 key areas…see more here

10 Reasons Why WPX Hosting Is The Best WP Host In Australia (for marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers using WP).

#1: The co-founder and CEO is an Australian dude, Terry Kyle.

Read about his mission to disrupt/replace the horrible practices of dinosaur hosting companies with a new high-speed WP service, backed up by bulletproof customer support.

#2: WPX Hosting CRUSHED all competitors in a recent speed shootout in Sydney, according to influential blogger, Matthew Woodward…see more here.

With our expanded Affiliate Hub, now is the perfect time to make some serious cash with WPX e.g. $100 per successful referral.

As our many reviews show here, you can trust your audience with us while also making serious money.

The more referral sign-ups you bring, the more your commissions will grow…read more here.

According to independent tests from Matthew Woodward and Kevin Ohashi, hardly any WP hosting service gets anywhere near the raw SPEED, support quality and VALUE for money of this fully Managed WordPress hosting service.

Yes, that applies to Germany and German bloggers/WordPress users too.

There are important technical reasons for that high performance but you don’t need to know about them unless you want to, you can just enjoy the “spectacular performance” (Kevin Ohashi from Review of…read more here.