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Welcome to WP BotWatch 1.04 by WPX Hosting and Terry Kyle.

The purpose of this free 1.04 plugin is to provide you with much more detailed information about how, when and where Googlebot crawls your WordPress blog/s e.g





The main potential benefit of such information is that you can then much more quickly identify and fix pages and areas of your website that are not well linked together for crawling by Googlebot (it should become obvious very quickly, particularly on the “Crawl Counter” page).

It can also show you Pages/Posts that Googlebot is very attracted to and you can potentially add links on such pages to new or important Web properties that you have created in order to get them indexed and/or ranked faster.

Plus, for your general SEO knowledge, WP BotWatch can also give you deeper insights into the patterns, biases and operating procedure of Googlebot.

On each of the various informational pages for WP BotWatch above, there are information icons that explain exactly what each specific function or metric reveals.

IMPORTANT: This is a 1.04 version of this plugin.

Best regards
Terry Kyle
CEO, WPX Hosting

To download the free WP BotWatch 1.0 plugin, click on the Facebook Share Button below & your download link will be imnmediately available:


This plugin was developed by WPX Hosting (the ONLY hosting service recommended by Thrive Themes).


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