Site Speed – Is It Your Sucky Host Or Your Horrible Website?

How To Quickly Test If Your Web Host Or Your Site Setup Is Destroying Your Page Loading Speed

By Terry Kyle
Chief Dog Lover/Co-Founding CEO, WPX Hosting
Arguably The World’s Fastest WP Host

As the co-founding CEO of probably the world’s fastest WordPress hosting company, I have seen some crazy crazy stuff over the years: pages generating 500+ requests ( is around 200, by the way), 200+ (honestly!) plugins on a WP site, updates not done on a site for many years and being constantly hacked and 10+ ad networks all serving ads at the same time to a page, making it crawl like in wet cement.

You get the idea.

When it comes to websites and website speed, one inescapable truth emerges:   

"the most powerful computer in the world will struggle to shift a horrible website"

My favorite testing method to quickly resolving this – especially with WPX customers – is to install an empty default WP site into a test subdomain as the hosting account where the problematically slow site also lives: same server, same specs, same overall server load and same hosting account.

For example, if I want to compare how the configuration of my personal blog at is impacting page loading speed, I need a BENCHMARK of what a hosting server is capable of with an empty, almost plugin-free site first.

Then I can COMPARE and instantly rule in/out whether there is a hosting server issue (lame host probably) or something that I did as the webmaster that has screwed with the optimum performance of the site.

Though there are big flaws in these tools and the way the results are interpreted – I wrote about it here and here – these are the results for on Pingdom Tools (Washington DC) and GTMetrix (Dallas):

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