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FIVE Ways To SKYROCKET Your Affiliate Income With WPX Hosting

With our newly expanded Affiliate Hub, and with Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to ramp up your marketing as a WPX affiliate and make some serious CASH.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017 is a golden opportunity to get the word out there on the monster WPX Hosting discounts that go live on November 22 (more offer details on this page).

Plus, as our many reviews show, you can TRUST your audience with us while also making serious money – don’t forget the $2,500 prize for the top WPX affiliate either, details above.

The more recommendations you make and the more sign-ups you bring to us, the more your commissions will grow!

And by boosting your WPX affiliate promotion for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017, your commission for each signup can quickly rise to $100 each, that’s among the highest in the hosting industry.

So let’s jump into 5 under-rated (the biggest affiliates know how effective these are) but very powerful affiliate marketing tactics that can put a lot of extra WPX cash in your pocket:

KILLER AFFILIATE TACTIC #1: Add A Testimonial Link To Your Email Signature

The email signature is one of the most overlooked and underused elements in marketing online today.

However, serious marketers know just how this ‘silent salesman’ can consistently deliver for you – if done well.

For example, don’t use a link like this in your email signature:

Best regards
John Smith
I Like WPX Hosting

Instead, more powerful text versions could be:

Best regards
John Smith
Why I Only Recommend ONE Hosting Service In The World

Best regards
John Smith
Know Which Hosting Service Saved My Online Business?

Best regards
John Smith
I Tried Over 30 Hosting Companies Before I Found A Great One

Obviously the text needs to reflect your experience with us but we are the only hosting service recommended by Thrive Themes, for instance.

Elsewhere on this page, you can see the other unique and strong features of what WPX Hosting offers your audience.

In short, if you use email marketing, making the most of your email signature is one great way to earn more from what you are already doing.

KILLER AFFILIATE TACTIC #2: Strategic Banner Placement On Your Blog/s


Using a service like Hotjar or Crazy Egg, you should know where visitors to your site/s are most likely to click.

Those are the ‘hotspots’ for WPX banners on your websites and this is a fast and easy way to drive additional clicks + referrals = commissions.

IMPORTANT: If you are not exactly sure HOW to add our ad banners with your affiliate link to your site/s, the WPX Hosting support team can do it for you at no charge and usually very quickly – just ask Iva, the WPX Affiliate Manager or the WPX Hosting Support Team.

KILLER AFFILIATE TACTIC #3: YOUR Testimonial/Review For YOUR Audience

Thrive Themes are currently the #1 affiliate for WPX Hosting – but maybe you can beat them! – and their success has come solely from this page on their site:

WPX Hosting

Notice how detailed the review/testimonial is there?

When you have earned the trust of your audience, they WILL want to hear what services, products and companies you recommend, especially based on your own personal experience, in your own words.

In our business here, we use a LOT of different tools, services and companies but reading a recommendation from someone we trust goes a long way towards convincing us to try something new out.

Your audience is no different and this kind of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing is arguably still about the most powerful one going.

Obviously though, once you create such a review or testimonial, with your affiliate links embedded on that page, traffic generation to that page will still be essential e.g. through your email marketing, Facebook promotion or other means.

KILLER AFFILIATE TACTIC #4: A Pre-written Email/Email Series

Email is still #1 when it comes to engaging with your audience.

Apart from a powerful email signature as discussed above, sending relevant and educational content about WPX Hosting can also be very effective, if done well.

In fact, it could be that you COMBINE a good email signature PLUS your testimonial/review PLUS an email or email series to cut through the inbox clutter of your audience, especially around Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017.

For example, your email could look something like:

This Black Friday, I only recommend WPX Hosting, not just for their massive 96% savings on all shared hosting plans, but also for their lightning fast service and support!

WPX also have the largest number of free features out of any hosting company, including free migration and security.

Why do I recommend WPX Hosting? They are a premier hosting provider and are famous for their legendary customer support and premium service quality.

Whether you need to accommodate a blog, portfolio or e-commerce website, they have a hosting plan for you.

Happy Black Friday shopping!
You will know the right style and tone for your audience be it more factual or more ‘dramatic’.

Also, your email or email series could cover a number of related topics, depending on whether you choose to cover general website tips, pre- and post-WPX comparisons, or even a run-down on WPX’s array of free features and how they impact running an online business.

KILLER AFFILIATE TACTIC #5: Stage An Interview With Terry Kyle, The WPX CEO

WPX Hosting is a business run by diligent, creative, and cooperative people.

But most importantly, it’s run by real people.

Terry Kyle, our CEO, has gathered together a superstar team, working hard to deliver the superior hosting experience Terry had envisioned years ago. He’s proud of their achievements and the work that has been put into WPX over the years but Terry’s story goes back much further.

As a marketing and SEO leader, Terry’s got a lot to share and he’s more than happy to talk and answer the questions of fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Shoot him an email requesting an interview to either Iva (your Affiliate Manager) or to Terry himself via support(at), and then feature your discussion on your website or elsewhere.

So, these are 5 killer tactics that you can implement right now to start earning (much more) as a WPX Hosting affiliate


Don’t forget that the WPX Hosting Affiliate Manager, Iva, is available for you on Skype every Monday-Friday via i_kadeva or iva(at)

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